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I believe it is important to recognise the destabilising nature of US interventions in the past and their willingness to be equally duplicitous. The very one sided nature of the western propaganda creates an open door for the US and UK in alleging anything they like and people will believe it.

The 'poisoning' a case in point as it seems now to have been something else. All the west has done is prolong the eventual defeat of Ukraine, not that it's a place of thriving virtue and democratic tolerance either as Zelensky is every bit as bad (if that's the right word) as Putin. He just doesn't have the military capability and has played the west beautifully. we have a Prime Minister who will do anything for popularity, including getting involved in someone else's war. I don't think this will be forgotten easily and, like most things Johnson touches it will turn sour.

By the way, I subscribed, then cancelled because I didn't get any articles, then found this one in the SPAM of my ISP. I don't know how to re-subscribe.

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