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Strategy, Leadership, and Statesmanship are three things I’m passionate about, but that are seriously lacking in government - that’s really what this is all about, changing that.

So, I’ll be posting frequently on the, often bizarre, goings on in British politics, the UK government and parliament. I’ll post my analysis of current national and foreign affairs, particularly those relating to British national interests, those of our closest friends and allies. I’ll also post my take on what adversaries are up to, all in the context of strategy and leadership.


Because I believe in Britain and am determined to do what I can to contribute towards the UK becoming confident, optimistic, prosperous and secure nation at all levels of society.


By using my military, policing, organised crime fighting, international diplomacy and political experience to post valuable observations, comments, analysis, opinions, and even advice to the government(!) in my newsletter and website.


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By subscribing and providing comments, you’ll help me to finesse and get my messages across to those who need to hear them. The more subscribers, the louder the message. For example, we need to secure our borders and I’m working on a detailed strategy and plan, to present to the government, to do exactly that - they clearly need some advice and ideas, and the need to listen to them.

A couple of other things…

Strategy and Leadership are two things I’m passionate about, but they’re seriously lacking in government. So expect lots on that… But every now and again you can also expect a rant about a couple of other favourite issues of mine:

  • ‘The risk of Brexit is and never was in leaving the European Union, but rather in having a government too incompetent to manage the process properly’.

  • Animal welfare. Mistreating and killing innocent animals for fun isn’t funny and doesn’t make you big. It makes you very small. If you want to shoot at something, join the military, but I hope you don’t mind if your target shoots back.

  • Identity politics, ‘wokism’ and cancel culture are divisive self-indulgencies.

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BRITPAC is a new 'Believe in Britain' nationwide movement, encouraging discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas and opinions across the broad centre-right. People  from all walks of life, from all political parties and from none, and who believe in Britain, are all welcome.

BRITPAC’s aims are:

  • ​​To become the largest and most influential gathering of those associating with the broadly patriotic, centre right and 'smallc' conservative area of British society and politics.

  • To bring together organisations, activists, a worldwide audience and the best and brightest leaders in the United Kingdom to discuss opinions, exchange ideas and shape thinking about the strategies and policies to make and keep Britain great (we define 'great' as being a 'confident, optimistic, prosperous, secure, globally outward looking and respected trading nation').

  • To reintroduce pride in our great country; to make patriotism, as opposed to nationalism, a positive and fashionable thing once again; to bring back a quite, confident pride in being British.

  • To challenge the subversive pseudo-liberal and far left agenda of suppressive socialism, divisive identity politics, 'wokism' and 'cancel-culture'.

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BRITPAC Chairman. Former national politician/political leader & Brexit campaigner. Previously a British Army Captain, police officer & international diplomat. Officer of The Order of The British Empire (OBE) for services to international security.